Work is more than a paycheck.

The paycheck.

Where you work is as important as the money you make.

A paycheck is not just compensation. It's a communication.
It says: I'm respected. I'm valued. My employer believes in me.

We believe in our people.

The reality.

Today, people between ages 21-34 have an average student debt of about $27,000, have less personal income than their parents and grandparents,
and have a harder time finding employment.

Source: Pew Social Trends

Today, 21 million U.S. workers earn less than $10 an hour.

Source: New York Times

That’s about
the population
of Australia.

Source: The World Bank


24% of those 21 million Americans work in retail.


50% are between ages 21-34.


64% are women.

Source: Upworthy

What we’re doing.

Gap Inc. has made a strategic investment to do more for employees.
We’re increasing our U.S. minimum hourly rate to $9 an hour in 2014 and $10 in 2015.

Illinois is getting a raise.

See how raising the minimum hourly rate will affect your state in 2015.

Illinois, USA

+ $1.75/hr

The minimum hourly rate will increase from $8.25 for Gap Inc. employees.

The minimum hourly rate is not set for this state.


Why It Matters to Us.

Don Fisher, our co-founder, challenged us to “Do more than sell clothes.”

Creating opportunity
is in our DNA.

Today we’re doing more for our 65,000 U.S. Gap Inc. employees.

We are investing in opportunity.

For a full-time employee, a raise from $7.25 to $10 an hour pays for a semester of community college in Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina and Texas, and for a full year in California.

Source: College Board

We are investing in equality.

64% of the 21 million Americans working for less than $10 an hour are women.

Source: New York Times

And we are investing in the emerging generation.

The average student debt upon graduation is $27,000. A raise from $7.25 to $10 will cover a typical monthly loan payment of $443.

Source: College Board

“The argument that a higher minimum wage would hurt business is old and tired… Companies enjoy real benefits when workers are paid more.”

- New York Times

President Barack Obama
supports Gap Inc.’s decision.

“I applaud Gap Inc. for announcing that they intend to raise wages for their employees beginning this year – a decision that will benefit about 65,000 workers in the U.S.”

“Employees are among the most important — if not THE most important — asset that a company has.”


“Because what Murphy did was not just the right thing. It was the smart thing.”

- Vanity Fair

“…raising the minimum wage makes workers more productive and therefore helps businesses retain profitability -- a conclusion affirmed by Gap Inc.'s recent decision…”


“Gap will have higher retention, higher productivity, higher shopper satisfaction and will continue to increase its sales.”

- New York Times

“You treat people well, they'll treat your customer well.”


“When I heard about our company's plan to raise the U.S. minimum wage for employees, I thought it was crazy in the best way possible.”

- Nneka Landry, Gap Inc. employee

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